The Warehouse on Third

The Historic Brown & Evans Garment Company, circa 1920

The Warehouse Demolition & Decontamination


The narration by Roger Hadley continues:

It was about a week before I was allowed back on my property.  The photos of the previous web site page showed you what I saw upon re-entry, but nothing can describe the emotional feeling of seeing 12 years of work ruined.  It was all I could do to try to think logically. My emotional side had already exploded. All I really knew was I needed to get my tenants back in The Warehouse as soon as possible. 


Probably one of the best decisions I ever made was to hire Action Restoration, Inc. from Port Arthur, Texas to do the clean-up and decontamination.  They are specialists that travel cross country to deal with natural disasters and could not have been more helpful in advising me on what it was going to take to clean and decontaminate.  They agreed with my insurance company that because of the high petroleum content of the flood water and the mold that was already growing I needed to remove all construction materials to a point 4' above the water mark.  That meant I lost everything that could not be cleaned from 8' down to the basement floor (15' total).  Other than wall studs and brick I lost everything;  plaster walls, wood paneling, 8,500 sq.ft. of maple floors, all wiring, plumbing, and both passenger and freight elevators.


The cost to re-build in 2008 to get my tenants back in the building was $775,000 and I am still building back as new tenants find me.  Just this year (2012) I finally got my toilets and electrical wiring replaced in the lower level (basement).


I can only hope that neither I again nor you ever have to experience what I have been through.  Keep checking this website for ongoing progress. 


Thanks for visiting,


Roger DeLayne Hadley, Architect & Owner